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Ánnásuolo: Násteáalbmi (Starry Night - radio edit)

Ánnásuolo: Násteáalbmi (Starry Night - radio edit)

Artist: Ánnásuolo                           Title: Násteálbmi (Starry Night - radio edit)

Cat.No.: PJR 1026                                   Release date: December 1. 2016


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We proudly present: An alternative Christmas song:

The Sami band Ánnásuolo has recorded the alternative Sami Christmas song ”Násteálbmi” within a delicat, clear, warm music-landscape in the genre pop, contemplative, jazz, contemporary.


Ánnásuolo is the name of a beautiful, tiny pearl – a place on the coastline of Finnmark county and is where the musicians found their beautiful band-name.

The band is playing new Sami music to poems by the Sami poet Nils-Aslak Valkeapää.

Now Ánnásuolo is releasing their first single, their Christmas song ”Násteálbmi” (Starry Night) from their debut CD to be released March 2017. 

About Ánnásuolo:

The musicians are all well known within their own genre such as jazz, pop, electronica, soul and r&b:

Marianne Pentha - vocal,

John-Kåre Hansen – guitar and vocal,

Eirik Fjelde - keyboards,

Svein Schultz - bass

Jakop Janssønn - drums. 


 ”Násteálbmi” (”Starry Night”)

Composed by the jazz guitarist John-Kåre Hansen

Lyrics by Nils-Aslak Valkeapää.