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Ted Kix: Ted Kix for President

Ted Kix: Ted Kix for President

Top 3: No. 3: Ted Kix: Ted Kix for President - PJRCD. 1024

Ted Kix is not a man, but an explosive sextet who has just released their first full length CD; "Ted Kix for President"

Ted Kix play their own, highly entertaining blend of jazz and funk. There is no need to explain too much; Ted Kix is a punchy horn section with a funky rhythm section to match it. The saxophonist and the bassist deliver the tunes.

Ted Kix consists of some the most sought after session musicians in Norway today. The members of Ted Kix have played with everything from award-winning jazz artists (Marilyn Mazur, John Surman, Ensemble Denada and Geir Lysne Listening Ensemble, to name a few) via a diversity of pop acts (everything from Norwegian stars to the likes of Lionel Richie and Nik Kershaw) to prime time television (including the Nobel Peace Prize Concert). And of course all in between.

Who’s in the band?

 Fredrik Øie Jensen - saxophone, Jørgen Gjerde - trombone, Marius Haltli - trumpet, Ture Janson - guitar, Remi Fagereng - drums, Erik Højgaard Anti - bass

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